About me

My name is Curt Hendley.
Here are some quick facts about me:

  • born in 1972
  • born again in 1977
  • have lived in four U.S. states
  • attended four colleges and universities
  • received a Bachelor’s degree after
    14 semesters of class attendance
  • in high school was a cross between a dork
    and a geek—smarter than
    a dork, less driven than a geek, with the social skills of both
  • in adult
    life am still sort of a cross between a dork and a geek, though an excellent
    wife has improved my social skills (not to mention clothing
  • marital status: married, one child, no pets
  • favorite animal: dog (with a
    preference for the noble, playful, and loyal Boxer)
  • favorite food: Mrs.
    Happy’s chicken pot pie, with her oatmeal-coconut-chocolate chip cookies
    for dessert
  • favorite food genre: Italian (pasta, pizza)
  • favorite
    TV genre
    : comedy (The Simpsons, Malcolm in the Middle, sometimes
  • favorite movie genre: Sci-Fi/fantasy (Minority Report,
    The Princess Bride, The Sixth Sense)
  • favorite novel genre: mystery/legal
    (Rex Stout, Patricia Cornwell,
    John Grisham)
  • favorite nonfiction book genre: spiritual
    (C.S. Lewis, Philip Yancey, Chuck Colson)

I met myself the day I was conceived and have had to live with me
ever since.