Takin’ a break

Christmas is going to be wonderful. I’ve gotten some great gifts for my wife. My mother and her husband are coming for a short visit. We’ll all celebrate Jesus’ birth together. It will be great. Right now, though, it just sucks. I have never encountered so many incompetent, selfish, and flagrantly rude people in one day than I have today (and remember, I live in New York). I have lots to do to prepare for Christmas day, and no time to do it. I’m stressed out and doing my best not to spill my composure all over the next inconsiderate person unfortunate enough to cross my path.

Anyway, I’m home at the moment and don’t plan on going back out, so the world is safe for now. My preparations are preventing me from spending much time blogging today, and I hereby give notice that I will probably not blog at all tomorrow or Christmas day, and maybe not for the rest of the week. We’ll just have to see how things go. But for now, I offer up the following for your entertainment:

That’s all for now. I’ll resume posting some time after Christmas.

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