‘Till something do us part

Ancient kings had to have enormous families for political reasons. Brigham Young had to have 20 wives in order to maintain any semblance of credibility with his followers. But the rest of these people who followed their lead apparently just don’t understand the concept.

And speaking of people who don’t get it, here’s something Larry King said in an interview with The Financial Times:

“I just like diversity,” he says. “The girl I liked at 20 was not the girl I liked at 30. And in the culture I grew up in, if you fell in love, you got married. I fell in love when I was 20 and 30, and I got married. It didn’t work out, and I paid what I had to pay.” He says the “diversity” has probably made him a better person, and he prefers it to being married to the same person for 50 years, having to make endless compromises. But he’d rather not be judged by the number of his marriages: “I don’t make a judgement about people who’ve been single all their life.”


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