Permanent hiatus

So I realized the other day that my daughter is just about 16 months old, and I haven’t posted anything since the day she was born. So I’m now officially declaring that I will not be updating this blog ever again. I’ll leave the archives in place, I will never let go of this domain (I shudder to think what would happen to it if I let it lapse), and I will continue to correspond with anyone who finds inspiration in these pages.

Rest assured, I am as passionate about marriage in general and my wife in particular as I have ever been. We celebrated our tenth anniversary last month, and I do mean celebrated. I believe as firmly as ever that marriage is a gift straight from God, and that we should accept it, nurture it, and enjoy it to the fullest extent that He intended.

But my life has taken a few turns (both happy and difficult) that make blogging activity nearly impossible. I’ll always treasure the years I spent writing on this site and my old one, and especially the online friends I made that I may never meet IRL. I hope you’ve all been encouraged half as much as you’ve encouraged me.

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