12 thoughts on “Happy birthday!

  1. Congrats dude. If I smoked cigars (and wasn’t asthmatic) I would be clipping a Cuban right now. But they’re illegal so it would likely be a Dominican.

  2. Congratulations. I only discovered your site a couple of weeks ago so meanwhile I have lots of archives to read through – I love visiting and learning from you both and wish you and your family all the very best.

  3. hey congratulations!

    both your kids are soooooo cute!!! actually, most babies don’t look that great at birth – must say both your babies win hands down on this :P

    must share your recipe :D



  4. uh, ok, i think i’m a lil late in congratulating, but congratulations nonetheless!!! :)

    bumped right into ur blog and enjoyed every posting here! i hope u’ll continue writing more! God bless!

  5. Wow, I know this is about 6 months late, but we had a baby too, so this is the first time I’ve been back here to check in with you. Congratulations!!