My son the superhero

Tater as Green LanternRecently, MCF asked his readers to alter a photo of himself holding a sign. He framed it as a contest, so I entered and won. The prize was any sort of reasonable design or Photoshop task that was within his means, so I had him paste Tater’s face onto the body of the Golden Age Green Lantern (aka Alan Scott) and mine onto the Golden Age Flash (aka Jay Garrick). I didn’t look too good as the Flash, but that’s not MCF’s fault. Garrick was tall, stocky, and muscular. I’m medium height with a small frame, and my face is really too thin and angular to be anything but disconcerting in that context. Tater ended up making an awesome GL, though. Personally, I think they should let him into the GL Corps, but maybe that can wait until he learns to walk.

5 thoughts on “My son the superhero

  1. Since I’m an anonymous blogger, Mr. Ross can direct any and all cease and desist orders to Mr. Happy.

    I’ll deny everything…