I haven’t looked at Sitemeter, TTLB, or Technorati in about six months. At some point, I just felt ridiculous monitoring all the statistics and rankings, so I stopped. I don’t know why I bothered a Google experiment today, since I haven’t done this in probably two years, but I found that if you do a Google search for the word husband, this site comes in at No. 1. It also works if you search for brotobe and movies with epilectics, though that last one actually lists this site third.

6 thoughts on “Huh

  1. #1! It’s a sign!

    You HAVE to start blogging again. Who are the Geekfriends supposed to leech hits off of? BlogExplosion Jerry?? ;-)

  2. All three comments above are spot on! There are a ton of folks searching for movies with epilectics!

    As a note, “movies with epileptics” has you at third, but with your last (intentional?) mispelling, you are number one for “movies with eplectics” :-)