5 thoughts on “If nature abhors a vacuum…

  1. I’m not too keen on vacuums either. I mean, I will admit that they serve a very important purpose. But they are generally clunky and unwieldy, and they make way too much noise.

    As for stacks – KidWrite adored stacking things. He would stack all day, knock the stack down, and stack it again in a new permutation. The boy was a born stacker!

  2. This is absolutely true. Since the time that my son could get his hand to move, he was destroying any stack within eyesight.

    The sand castles we build at the beach barely have a second of breath before they’re back to being just sand.

  3. Happy and Kev, be not dismayed. At abought age 12 they will appreciate the stacks little girls with the help of the creator and good genes build!