Yes, that’s my son and yes, that’s a New Testament he’s holding.

MCF has told me many times how to create a one-pixel border around a picture using Photoshop, but I can never remember.

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  1. Because of my annoying habit of never ignoring likely rhetorical statements:

    1) choose a foreground color(apple+d for default aka rich black)

    2) Select—>All(apple+A)

    3) Edit—>Stroke

    4) from the menu that pops up, enter a pixel width. 4 is fine for a 72DPI image such as this. make sure of the three radio button options–inside, center, outside–to select “inside”, then click ok or hit return.

    5) If the border is too thin or thick for your liking, edit—>undo(apple+z) and repeat the process on from step #3, entering a new pixel value.

  2. Someday you’ll have to explain that ‘being fed’ is a metaphor, and doesn’t mean literally eating your Bible.

  3. He is looking so grown up. Perhaps some of your readers might like to know how you and Mrs Happy celebrated Mother’s Day. (I would)