Another difference between men and women?

I’ve mentioned Tony Woodlief’s site, Sand in the Gears, on occasion. Tony doesn’t write very often, but when he writes it’s almost always great. I read his most recent post earlier today and laughed out loud. I don’t often laugh out loud, but this was really funny. I told Mrs. Happy about the post, and she gasped and said, “That’s AWFUL!!” And again ten minutes later: “That’s so horrible.”

I’m still laughing.

She’s still cringing.

I think we both agree with Tony’s sentiment, though, that “even when we think we are something special, the odds are against it.”

11 thoughts on “Another difference between men and women?

  1. I tried it and it happened the same thing. I couldn’t stop laughing, and my wife had the same reaction than yours. Then I showed her your post and we both laughed at loud. =)

  2. He writes it in a funny way, which is what makes us want to laugh. But the reality is actually pretty scary, don’t you think?

  3. If the baby had been hurt, then yes it would have been horrible, but he didn’t even cry. The humor comes from the guy thinking he’s such a great father while he’s unknowingly whacking his baby’s head against a helicopter. I can relate on all sorts of levels.

  4. As a mother of three and foster mom … that’s HYSTERICAL! If he wasn’t crying, then he probably was actually getting a kick out of it.

    Been there … done that … got the t-shirt and “the look” from said condemning mother!

  5. I think we women freak out at the thought that the baby could’ve been hurt without the father realising it — that’s what I meant by scary :)

  6. I found it pretty funny, especially the way he painted the picture. I’m assuming the replica copter had dull plastic blades and not sharp metal ones, and they weren’t whipping around too quickly or the child would have cried out or been seriously hurt. If they WERE metal and the kid was just lucky, then I guess I’d be horrified, but I didn’t get that impression. “Little stinker should sing out if he’s hurt, if you ask me.” I thought that line was great.

  7. Goodness, that made me laugh. As a mother-to-be I need to read more stories like that. I know I’ll be doing bone-headed things and I need lots of evidence that I’m not the only one!

  8. Found you through Sand in the Gears, enjoying your blog. By the way, I’m one of the women who is laughing hysterically about the incident. Life’s too short to freak out over everything! lol