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Last week I explained why I link to the Husbands/Fathers in my sidebar. Here’s why I link to the various Wives/Mothers:

I found Amy’s Humble Musings in my referrer logs about a year-and-a-half after I started this blog. I visited her site to find her writing about me as her stiffest competition in the category of Best New Blog in the first year of the Evangelical Underground Evangelical Blog Awards. She also took pains to point out that since I had been blogging for 18 months, I ought to be disqualified. About a day later, my name was taken off the list. She felt horrible and apologized as profusely as she could. I didn’t hold it against her, because The Happy Husband was not new by any definition. It just happened that one of my bonehead friends wanted to nominate me for something, and THH didn’t fit in any other category. Anyway, Amy’s writing was great. She has a husband and something like six kids, including a newborn son, so she never lacks for interesting stories and new insights.

Julie Ann Fidler has been through more hard times in her marriage than nearly anyone I know. She wrote a book about it, and she also blogs about it at Fidler on the Roof. It’s inspiring to hear from someone in the middle of difficulties who is still determined to work through everything and live up to her marriage vows. On the other hand, it’s a little annoying when she abbreviates the name of her blog to FOTR, and I start wondering why she’s suddenly talking about Fellowship of the Ring. Then again, maybe I’m just more of a geek than I think.

Ben Wilson and Marla Swoffer were the first two bloggers I came across who focused on marriage issues. When I first encountered her online, the title of Marla’s blog was The Proverbial Wife. It has gone through several redesigns and name changes since then, and she focuses a little less on marriage now, but I still like to read pretty much everything she writes.

I’ve had Miss O’Hara in the Friends link category for a while simply because she was single. She’s engaged now, and on the verge of being married, so today I moved her to a more appropriate section. She blogs mainly (and engagingly) about politics, but she’s quite opinionated on the subject of marriage and related topics. She’s also one of the few people I feel like I’ve actually gotten to know a little solely through blogs, comments, and e-mails.

At this particular moment, I can’t remember how or why I started reading Scott and Lori‘s blog. I don’t even remember what they called it at the time, though it has gone through several changes since. I do know that I have enjoyed reading as their relationship has stayed strong even before they were married and separated by an ocean (she in Arkansas, he in Scotland). They’re married now, and living in Scotland.

In November of 2004, I read a post at Thinklings that was 100 reasons one of the bloggers there loved his wife. I stupidly didn’t link to it then, and I can’t find it now, but it inspired me to make my own list. I’ve seen other bloggers make similar lists, but only one that I’m aware of has devoted an entire site to it. Glorybeam is the blogger behind Why I Love My Husband, and I truly hope she doesn’t stop at 100 posts.

4 thoughts on “Wives, mothers, bloggers

  1. I wonder if I could convince Mrs. Write to follow in the footsteps of Mrs. Happy and do a guest column or two. Maybe I can even get KidWrite in on it.

    We’d be TheWriteFamily :-)

  2. Know why I abbreviate my website now?

    Because I kept getting hits from people trying to find tickets to “Fiddler On The Roof,” and they kept misspelling “Fiddler” as it appears in the title. THAT annoyed ME! :-)

  3. Thanks for the mention. Funny thing is, I’ve never compiled an actual list of 100 reasons. I just write a whole post every time I think of another reason. It’s been slow going, though, so I hope I actually do make it to 100 someday! Maybe I need to start with a list… :-)