Fellow husbands, fathers, and bloggers

A long time ago, I thought it would be a good idea to list some blogs that I visit frequently and explain why I read them. Then I thought it would be an even better idea to explain my rationale for listing the blogs that are in my sidebar. I never did either of those things. I have been stuck for something to write lately, though, so here’s why the sidebar blogs in the category of Husbands/Fathers are there:

Marriages Restored is a blog by Ben Wilson. Back when I was a brand-new blogger, this was the first marriage-oriented blog I found. His marriage survived infidelity, and now he and his wife give seminars and counsel couples who are dealing with that difficult issue.

CoffeeSwirls by Doug McHone really has very little to do with marriage. Doug is a devoted husband and father, but he writes mainly about sports and theology. Sometimes he writes something that makes me glad to know there are people like him out there.

Ryan’s Head is another blog that has brief, shining moments of marriage-loving. For some reason I can’t remember, I’ve always felt a real kinship with Ryan, even though we’ve never met and have never lived within a thousand miles of each other. Maybe some day we’ll meet and I’ll figure it out.

Tony Woodlief writes Sand in the Gears. He is a wonderful if sporadic writer, and the posts he writes about his family are absolutely priceless.

Spare Change comes from the prolific mind of Bryan McAnally. He writes lots of short posts about whatever he’s thinking or reading, and marriage occupies his blogging mind fairly regularly. Now that I’m in Texas (he’s near Dallas, I’m in Austin), he’s probably the nearest sidebar Husband/Father to me geographically.

Bowden McElroy writes Counseling Notes, a blog filled with his thoughts as a marriage counselor. Since he is a professional counselor, his site is full of solid, practical advice for many different situations.

Several months ago, I was invited to take part in a new group blog called DadBloggers. I enthusiastically accepted, but never followed through. I could plead my case, citing specific points in which my life allowed me no time, but it would just be rationalization. The ones who do contribute, though, are invariably encouraging and inspiring.

Steve Lynch travels a great deal due to his job. He doesn’t want to be an absent father, so he gives his children Lessons From the Road. I’m sure that’s not all he gives them, but it’s the only thing he also shares with the blogosphere, and we’re the better for it.

I’m not sure how he does it, but King of Fools manages to make it clear how much he loves his family without ever actually saying so. He blogs mostly about politics, but when he writes about his family, he permeates every word with powerful affection.

Matt Nightingale is my oldest friend, my favorite singer, and a true kindred spirit. I read his blog for his writings about marriage, fatherhood, Christian life, and the arts.

5 thoughts on “Fellow husbands, fathers, and bloggers

  1. Thanks for the link and the kind words. BTW, I “borrowed” the idea of linking to Husbands/Fathers and Wives/Mothers categories from your sidebar… hope you don’t mind.

  2. Thanks, Curt… My blog has been woefully ignored for the last month, but one of these days I’ll get back to it… Life happens! Who was it that taught me that RLTB (Real Life Trumps Blogging)? :)