Moving trumps blogging

In case you haven’t guessed, posting will be light for a while. Mrs.
Happy and I are trying to take care of the world’s best baby and pack up our
house for a cross-country move. Next week, we’ll be on the road. The week after
that, who knows?

Before I get back to packing, I thought I’d share this
character I made
using The Simpomaker, thanks to MCF.

And, just for fun, a retrospective of fictional incarnations of Curt I’ve
made over the years using online character generators:

with Hero Machine

South Park Create-a-Character

This was from a defunct page called Create Your Own Superhero.

Mrs. Happy drew these without the benefit of a generator:

8 thoughts on “Moving trumps blogging

  1. I think the final one is the cutest. If you begin writing children’s books or parenting books or something, that would be a FANTABULOUS logo.

  2. I agree. I’d love to see a whole book about the Happy Rhinos. The other five faces of Curt are nifty too.

  3. I forgot about lunch bag Curt. Those were awesome. I helped him make one of those into a banner on the old atimelikethis site.

    Curt, no blogging from the road? Looking forward to a “we got here safely and it’s 60 degrees and houses are cheap and I found the best job ever and there’s a milkshake waterfall” post. =)

  4. This is a little embarrassing, but I can’t remember the URL of the admin portion of this site. I have it bookmarked on my computer, but I don’t have my computer. I am safe in Austin, but my stuff won’t arrive until later in the week.

    The waterfalls here run with Dr Pepper–not milkshakes.