No title

When I started blogging, I had time to write and ideas to communicate.
Later, life got busy, but the ideas kept flowing. Presently, I have nothing
but time. The idea synapses in my brain seem to have stopped firing—I assume
is being diverted to the taking-care-of-baby and the thinking-about-finances-and-moving-my-family-across-the-country
Still, I have not lost my desire to blog. I feel like I ought to post at least
once a week just so readers don’t get too concerned.
Anyway, I’m still alive.

Baby Happy is not always happy. Right before he cries, he contorts his face
into the most devastatingly adorable frown. He gets that directly from his

spend quite a bit more time with my baby than I do with my computer. Tater’s
so cute, the iMac is lucky to get any Curt time at all.

2 thoughts on “No title

  1. He is definitely adorable. His conversation is near breath taking when he smiles and shares his thoughts. I can hardly wait for him to get to Texas and I can learn more from him.
    The most hellacious time on earth is when you are sick and can not love on him for fear of spreading infection. I am well now and eagerly awaiting his arrival.