University of Texas: 41, University of Southern California: 38

A visit from my dad trumped blogging last night. Tonight, the NCAA National
Championship kept me from the computer. My Longhorns silenced the scoffers,
ended 34-game
winning streak of the two-time defending champions (though now the second-best
every Heisman
voter that favored Reggie Bush over Vince Young. Hook ‘em Horns!!!!!

On a different note, I’ve received more questions since my post on Monday,
which I will answer tomorrow. If you want to add a question or two of your
own, now is the time.

3 thoughts on “University of Texas: 41, University of Southern California: 38

  1. Congratulations! We watched that game, too. At least, my husband did. I fell asleep. When we went to bed, he turned the game on to check the score, and it looked like there was a minute and 13 seconds left to play, the score: Texas 23, USC 24. USC had the ball and they got a touchdown. I felt bad and said, “Well, that’s it. Texas can’t get 8 points in one minute. We might as well turn it off.” But then my husband noticed that it wasn’t ONE minute, there were ELEVEN more minutes to go. He was hooked, I was exhausted. He was thrilled this morning. He said, “Texas has QUITE a quarterback.”

  2. Please forgive me for trumping blogging. (My apologies to your readers).
    For the record, Happy has seriously understated the virtues, appearance, intelligence, and inherant sweetness of the Happy Grandchild. I HUMBLY submit that He is the most handsome, intelligent, and underappreciated super grandson ever born!

  3. HOOK EM!! Vince young was incredible, but so was the rest of the team. I’ll bet you all are even more tired than we are this morning! But it was worth it.