I can’t stop posting baby pictures!

As of today, when these pictures were taken, Tater is 25 days old and he has
grown cuter on every one of those days.

Already, he is obviously pondering some pretty serious questions…

…and holding his own bottle.

These pictures were not in any way posed. He doesn’t actually
pick up the bottle and put it to his lips, but he does sometimes grip it in
both hands while he’s being fed. His grip is so strong that he can actually
hold the bottle in place for several minutes.

I know I’m obnoxiously proud, but how could I not be? Regular
blogging will resume shortly.

5 thoughts on “I can’t stop posting baby pictures!

  1. Isn’t amazing how quickly they grow? So many times I’ve woken my son and found a completely different person than the one I put to bed. You certainly have the right to be proud – your son is the best everything, and always will be.

    (I tried posting pictures of my son to my blog, but the process got pretty cumbersome with the more pictures I had to post. In the end, I just starting using Flickr.com – it’s so much easier.)

  2. Dude, you should be obnoxiously proud! God has done a wonderful thing through you and Mrs. Happy. He has created a precious life and trusted you to shepherd Tater in the ways of our Lord. God trusts you – that is so awesome!

    And gosh dangit but that boy is one little cutie to boot!

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  4. Decided to drop a few lines just to let you know it is
    not your biased opinion your baby is adorable.
    Just do like Proverbs 22:6 says and you will be fine.
    May God Bless you and Mrs. Happy. Much Love Firby