A few things…

If there’s one thing fatherhood has taught me, it’s that a baby leaves you
little time or energy for blogging. Also, you have to get control of his feet
before removing a diaper. I guess that’s two things. I’ve also learned (this
brings us up to three now) that a really good baby can make all kinds of interesting
facial expressions. He
can look intelligent and ponderous and still have trouble finding his own thumb.
He will find it eventually, though, with spectacularly cute results.

But if
there are four things fatherhood has taught me so far, the fourth is that
by Glenn Reynolds,
new readers is to post baby
pictures. That simple act
your blog traffic by up to 50% even if you write less.

I guess that’s all.

8 thoughts on “A few things…

  1. Our chief weapon is cuteness. Cuteness, and thumb-sucking… Our TWO chief weapons are cuteness and thumb-sucking… And posting LOTS of pictures… Our THREE weapons are cuteness, thumb-sucking, lots of pictures, and remembering to get control of the baby’s feet when changing a diaper. Our FOUR… no. AMONGST our weapons…

  2. What an awesome array of expressions! My favorite is the Rupert Grint in the middle of the bottom row of the first grouping. Diagonal from that in the upper right, the “Whatchoo talkin bout Willis?” face is my second favorite.

    Hey, Happy Happy Thanksgiving Happy Family! :)

  3. Hey you two…I mean 3!!!! Congratulations…I just saw your website and found out that you have a baby, AHHH!! He looks just like mrs. Happy. soooo cutey booty. awwe. That’s awesome! Talk to you later.

  4. Well, I’m certainly naive. I never realized that babies that young can develop such a variation of expressions. Chalk it up to being an only child (hence, no younger siblings) and a teenager (hence, no children). Well, all right, so in today’s culture, the second reason isn’t as viable as it should be, but … if I re-phrased it to say “an unmarried teenager with a commitment of purity to the Lord”, would that work? Meh… I digress. Very cute baby. I adore those expressions.