His and Hers: Family resemblance

His and Hers is a weekly discussion of a question or topic relating
to marriage. On Friday, my wife and I each write our thoughts on the week’s
topic. I invite others to do the same with their spouses as an exercise in
celebrating marriage.

What physical or personality traits do you think your
child inherited from you?

Mrs. Happy’s response

His sleeping abilities (anywhere, anytime, for any reason) and all the moaning
and whining he does about being woken up.

Curt’s Response

He has dry skin, passes a lot of gas, and has a full head of hair dominated by cowlicks. He has also developed an array of
very serious facial expressions. I just hope there is a playfulness behind

One thought on “His and Hers: Family resemblance

  1. Umm…our daughter hasn’t inherited any physical traits because she is adopted from China :-)

    Personality traits? Well…I have to confess that she does the heiny burp and then just laughs. She must have inherited that from me!