Marriage links for the week

Ben Wilson continues his review of Love and Respect. Since my last roundup
links, he has written four posts on the book: one,
and four.
He also has a great review of the movie Sex,
Lies, & Obsession
, which is all about the nature of sexual addiction.

Marla posts a
that I’m afraid will apply to Baby Happy in a few years.

Irene revisits what
she’s looking for
in a spouse.

SillyDad spends some of his alone time writing
a poem
. I think we should all set aside some time in our day for such artistic

Steve Lynch continues his review of the book Covenant Marriage with
16: Overcoming the Barriers of Defensiveness

Jungle Pop asks: What
do you call your in-laws?
I fretted about this for a
while in the early years of my marriage. I sort of avoided calling them anything,
but I envisioned a situation in which I would have to call one of them something and
whatever I called them would sound awkward. Finally, I just came right out
and asked them. They suggested their first names, so that’s what I call them.

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