A few thoughts from Baby Happy

I must apologize for my outburst
last week
. I temporarily "freaked out," as
my daddy says, and forgot myself entirely. It’s not that being born caught
me by
surprise—I simply did not expect it to be quite like that.
I understand more now, and were I to have the same experience again, I believe
I could control my words. Sadly, though, I will never get that second chance.
Daddy tells me I will have experiences in life nearly as traumatic as birth,
and some even more so, but no one can prepare themselves for these events.

I was afraid for a long while that life would not be fun. Mama barely moved,
a motley assortment of women in white uniforms persisted in violently shoving
my face into her breast, and the other babies seemed capable of nothing but
crying. I understand now that the hospital was only a temporary residence.
Mama can walk more now, and carry me with her; I have discerned that her breast
is a source of nourishment; and I may never have to tolerate the presence of
another baby again, thank goodness. I still do not understand what they hoped
to accomplish with their wails. I have found adults (Mama, Daddy, and Granny
in particular) to be quite attentive and perceptive concerning the various
sources of my discomfort. Whether I find myself hungry, dirty, or tired, I
need only voice my feeling momentarily (and at a tolerable volume) before one
of my grownups remedies the situation. Other babies simply scream. Had I been
able to walk in the hospital, perhaps I could have intimidated them into hushing—I
outweighed them all by an average of three pounds—but alas, I am just a baby

I hope I still express myself adequately. When I lived inside Mama,
I could focus every bit of my energy on thinking. Now I must devote nearly
all of my attention to learning how to eat, and it is exhausting. Before birth,
I did not have to work for my sustenance. Now I must use every bit of my considerable
strength just to get a few drops of milk. My remaining strength I reserve for
rebellion against diaper changes and the rare moments when I need to cry. As
a result, I have little energy for anything else and sleep for most of the

Disordered as my thoughts are right now, I just realized I started out apologizing
for letting language and emotion control me rather than the other way around.
I do hope I did not offend anyone (though Granny still seems a little miffed
at a few of my words); I feel sure that everyone who remembers their own birth
will understand.

4 thoughts on “A few thoughts from Baby Happy

  1. Hey, first, found you through Tim over at stuffandeverything. Second, thanks for being a rare male voice in the wilderness we call this country, in celebrating marriage, your wife, family, and all that goes with it. My “best friend” and I have been married 13 years now, with 3 children. NOT an easy task, but so worthwhile. And how anyone does this happily with out the Grace of God, I’ll never know. I’m forwarding your site to him at his office today, enjoy your new baby!

    P.S. I had 3 c-sections (only the last one planned), she will recover, and feel good again. It just takes a bit of time.

  2. Baby Happy, you are a smart baby already for knowing you need to apologize for your birth outburst; but no one blames you as you’re young yet, even though you were the biggest baby at the hospital! Tell your dad to have some soap handy just in case you lose control again. But I don’t think you will as long as your Granny is encouraging the right behavior :)