Lots of stuff trumps blogging

I need to get some sleep tonight; tomorrow I have to go back to working my
temp job. I do, however want to share this picture of Tater in his bouncer
with Deb (the cute little
Risha (the adorable donkey).
And no, your mind is not playing tricks on you—he got cuter once again. I don’t
know how he does it or when he will stop.

A couple of people have asked about what we named our baby, and I know there are a lot more who are interested. We did come up
with a cool name chock full of meaning, aesthetic value, and sonorous resonance.
At this point in my parenthood, however, I am too paranoid about crazed lunatics
with internet access (psycho stalkers, I mean, not THH readers) to release this information. Just as I never call Mrs.
Happy by her given name online, I also plan to never mention Tater’s name either.
Sorry, that’s just how it is.

13 thoughts on “Lots of stuff trumps blogging

  1. You’re right, he is exponentially cuter each day! I’m telling you, he’s going to take over the world with his cuteness and unite the tribes of man. And I can say I knew him when….

  2. Congratulations. Soooo adorable! And soooo alert for being, what, a week old? I remember I still did not know what color my son’s eyes were at this point–they never opened. Tater looks happy, alert, and ready to blog! Hope Mrs. Happy is recovering well and feeling good. God bless your family.

  3. Yeah, I was thinking that he’s awfully alert for a week old myself! I guess when you’re born at ten lbs you don’t have the need to lay around and “nap” alot- you’ve got places to go :)

    He IS getting cuter!


  4. I think they stop getting cuter when they turn 13….I look back at the photos of my little guy who is 19 mo., and think how much cuter he is today!!!

  5. He’s even cuter, you’re right! Just an FYI – you’ve mentioned not naming Mrs. Happy or Tater, but unless Mrs. Happy’s name is false on your baby registry, it’s listed right there at the top. Just so you know.

  6. goslyn,
    Yes, I do realize that. The important thing, though, is that a Google search for her name does not lead to this site or reveal any personal information about her.

  7. I was just telling Jeff that I’ve seen lots of newborn babies in my life, but yours is honestly one of the most beautiful I’ve ever seen!! Congratulations on your Texas sized baby :)

    (Walter’s better half :)

  8. Curt,

    I know your mama from her old job at Fisher, and just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed your baby blogs and the pictures. Congratulations and much success on your new parenthood, to both you and Mrs. Happy. You are right, he is pretty much adorable!