A message from Baby Happy

I can sense the time of my birth drawing nearer every day. I’m not yet sure
it means, but I am truly excited to find out. I suppose part of it involves leaving
my current home. I can’t imagine what lies beyond my surroundings,
but honestly, I’m feeling rather cramped. It seems I can’t flex a muscle
without distressing Mama, and sometimes I simply must stretch, which unfortunately
causes her all sorts of discomfort. Beyond the physical uneasiness, I can also
sense Mama’s emotions growing stronger and more widely varied every day. She
feels at turns excitement, fear, elation, grief, benevolence,
and exasperation in such violent extremes that I sometimes fear her passions
may break down her body. She has remained strong so far, however, ruling her
emotions when she can and redirecting them when she cannot. Thank God for Daddy.

Speaking of Daddy, he still sings to me every night. He still tells me he
loves me, and that Mama loves me, and that Jesus loves me most of all. I already
know that, as I have mentioned
, but I still enjoy hearing it.

I have a powerful intuition that life as I know it will soon end, and life
as I cannot imagine it will soon begin. Daddy tells me he feels pretty much
the same way.

8 thoughts on “A message from Baby Happy

  1. I can’t believe how soon you’ll be here, kid(your folks probably moreso).

    Kids today….it seems like one minute they’re blogging, and the next they’re being born.

  2. Uh oh, looks like Uncle MCF is getting old.
    We’re rootin’ for you Baby Happy!
    Go easy on Momma Happy when it’s time.
    The new world your about to enter is kinda rough,
    but you obviously have people out here that love you
    and will make it the best world they can for you!

  3. LOL@MCF.

    Hang in there, Happy Family. It sounds impossible, but relish every moment of these last few days. There is never a time in your life quite like the days before your first child is born.

  4. You are too funny! Don’t get prematurely excited. You still could have a couple of weeks to go. I have a thirteen-year-old whose mother and father thought for sure should come at any moment, but she just stretched Mommmy out with her gymnastics and laughed. Mommy on the other hand, had various bouts of silly tears. She even cried uncontrollably after Daddy bought her a cone of peppermint ice cream because she just *knew* he was thinking she was fat as she sat there eating it. Daddy didn’t understand it all, but he hung in there. I’m still thinking November 14th! Afterall, it’s my BIRTHDAY!!

  5. Shortly before our first child was born, my husband and I took a little trip to Niagara Falls. Little did we realize what wonderful and one-of-a-kind memories we were making. I looked really, really awful in the pictures of us on the Maid-of-the-Mist boat tour–misty wet hair hanging in my face and a big blue rubber cape draped over my huge, pregnant belly. Hahaha–it all came back when I saw Bruce Almighty, and then it came back again as I thought of you guys waiting for your new arrival.

  6. Curt….no post yesterday? Did the BIG EVENT take place? (I guess it’s a silly question, because if it did, you are probably not reading this!!! You are too busy enjoying your beautiful new baby (ies)).