Midnight madness

Thank you for all the kind comments about my wife’s current condition. Having
experimented with a number of treatments, Mrs. Happy has found that a shower
and an application of Aveeno
Lotion with Cooling Menthol and Natural Colloidal Oatmeal is the best treatment
for PUPPP, which means that it soothes the fiery itching for as long as four

A couple of days ago she noticed that heat and sweat exacerbate the
itching. She doused herself with baby powder before going to bed Saturday night,
and that seemed to help. She also noticed that when she is in bed, she tends
to sweat on the part of her body in contact with the bed. The ideal solution
to this problem would be to sleep on her back, since that’s the only part of
her unaffected by PUPPP. But pregnant women can’t spend much time on their
backs without crushing some internal organs, so she decided to try sleeping
in the recliner in our living room. I may have mentioned this before, but I
can’t fall asleep unless she’s in bed with me. Therefore, last night I slept
on the couch in our living room,
as near to her as I could get.

Some time around 3:00 a.m., Mrs. Happy woke me up. I couldn’t see her very
well since all the lights were out and I was not wearing my glasses. I could
make out her silhouette, though. Standing there in loose-fitting pajamas and
nine months pregnant, she reminded me of a very short nose tackle (for my international
readers, that’s an American football term for the biggest and meanest guy on
the team). She said, "Curt, I’m going to the bed. Sleeping in the recliner
isn’t working, and all
the people
done it before are frauds."

When I’m rested out of a sound sleep, I can’t really understand reality for
several seconds. I couldn’t make sense of what she had said, so I said, "What?"

When my wife is rested out of a sound sleep, she doesn’t really understand
reality for several minutes. She didn’t change her stance, expression, or tone
of voice when she answered, "Oh. That must’ve been a dream…but I’m going to
the bed."

Ten minutes later, we were both in the bed and laughing harder than we’ve
laughed in a long time. I love being married.

One thought on “Midnight madness

  1. I love those barely awake converstations. I get home around 11pm each night and Rubi is usually sound asleep.
    She’ll try to wake up enough to greet me, kiss me, and ask me how my night went. Then the next day, she’ll ask if we spoke when I got home. Sometimes I’ll say something, and she’ll answer a completely different question – she frequently does that “oh, I guess I was dreaming” thing.
    Last week (before it got cold outside), I came home and mentioned it was warm in our bedroom. She sat up, said “I’m hot”, and promptly took off her shirt and went back to sleep. The next morning, after I had left early for work, she had quite a surprise when she woke up and was about to walk into the living room where the kids were playing and had to stop and find her shirt!