Marriage links for the week

Irene wonders about how
to find Mr. Right
, then wonders whether
there even is
such a thing

I don’t know why, but it always warms my heart when Amy Scott talks
about her kids

Steve Lynch continues his review of the book Covenant Marriage with Chapter
15: Why Do I Get So Defensive?

I don’t really read John Piper much, but Adrian Warnock does. He links
to and excerpts
one of Piper’s recent articles called The
Marks of a Spiritual Leader
. I know that every husband is by definition
a spiritual leader, but it’s heartening to see someone as respected as John
Piper say something like this:

Paul said in Ephesians 5:25, "Husbands, love your wives!" Love
her! Love her! What does it profit a man if he gains a great following and
his wife? What have we led people to if they see that it leads us to divorce?
What we need today are leaders who are great lovers. Husbands who write poems
for their wives and sing songs to their wives and buy flowers for their wives
for no reason at all except that they love them. We need leaders who know
that they should take a day alone with their wives every now and then; leaders
do not fall into the habit of deriding and putting their wives down, especially
with careless little asides in public; leaders who speak well of their wives
in public and complement them spontaneously when they are alone; leaders
who touch her tenderly at other times besides when they are in bed. One of
greatest temptations of a busy leader is to begin to treat his wife as a
kind of sex object. It starts to manifest itself when the only time he ever
her passionately or touches her tenderly is when he’s trying to allure her
into bed. It is a tragic thing when a wife becomes a mannequin for masturbation.
Learn what her delights are and bring her to the fullest experience of sexual
climax. Talk with her and study her desires. Look her in the eye when you
talk to her. Put down the paper and turn off the television. Open the door
for her.
Help her with the dishes. Throw her a party. LOVE HER! LOVE HER! If you don’t,
all your success as a leader will very likely explode in failure at home.

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