So much trumps blogging

During the day I have all sorts of fascinating thoughts that I intend to write
about in my blog. When I sit down to write in the evening, they all fly out
of my head. (I’m working a freelance job this week, so I can’t write during
It doesn’t help that we had another sonogram today and that we just got home
thoughts have been pushed out by the details of breastfeeding
and newborn hygiene. I really will write something good and substantial sometime
And things will settle down once the baby is born. Right?

In the mean time, the baby pool is shaping up nicely. As I mentioned, we had
another sonogram today, which gave us a little more information. In the interest
fairness, neither of us will modify our original answers in any way. Neither
will I reveal any of the sonogram results except to say that the baby/babies is/are perfectly
healthy. So keep those guesses coming. Everyone has an equal chance of winning,
except for Lori, because my wife is definitely not carrying three

2 thoughts on “So much trumps blogging

  1. BTW–I had four babies, and childbirth classes are of dubious benefit. The only thing you really need are deep chest breathing and a commitment to relax. Mrs. Happy must not fight this pain–that’s counterproductive. The pain is opening up her body to let the baby out. She needs to work with it and focus into it (if you ever read the Dune books, you might get an idea from them of what I’m talking about). This is ultimately relaxing. You can help Mrs. Happy by encouraging her to focus on letting the pain “flow out” through her extremities, and by gently stroking downwards on her arms and legs, towards her hands and feet (this is especially helpful on the lower legs–use both hands to gently wrap and stroke down first one leg and then the other). Unless she has back labor. Then you need to be ready to rub her back like you’ve never rubbed a back before. If you’re planning to use drugs, go for it. Relaxation is the key. You have to do what you have to do to relax. I bounced back fast by not using drugs, but I have known people who nearly killed themselves by not using drugs. Do what you have to do, but focus on relaxation.

    Life will never be the same again. You are about to enter the next dimension.

  2. It’s a good thing you’re not a Nexus of Improbability. If I ever made a comment like “we’re definitely not having triplets”, I’d almost guarantee it. ;-)

    I don’t know how parents do it, though. By the time I get done with work, and gym, and get home around 8-8:30, I only have a few hours to myself to blog and relax before I go to sleep, and head back out to start the same routine 12 hours after getting home. People DO it though, so I know it’s not impossible. I guess if I ever marry and have children I should expect to get less sleep, eh?