Marriage links for the week

Is it possible for a single woman to have a close friendship with a married
man without the relationship going "too far"? An e-mail correspondent asks
this question
of Ben Wilson, and he
, as do several of his readers.

Amy Scott has a
love story, of a sort
. You will enjoy it if you are a Calvinist, or maybe
even if you aren’t.

TheWriteJerry (who my spell
check thinks I should call Termite) got married two weeks ago. He shares his
love story in several parts (we’re still
for Part 3):

Becoming Mr. & Mrs. Write – The Ceremony (Part 1)

Mr. & Mrs. Write – The Ceremony (Part 2)

Steve Lynch continues his review of the book Covenant Marriage by Gary Chapman
with Chapters
13 and 14: Identifying Difference and Making Difference an Asset

Derek’s wife came up with a great idea for a game: Truth
or Truth

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  1. Part 3 will be up on Mnday. I was experiencing some technical difficulties whenn I went to post on Friday, and was super busy this weekend (ah, the married life…)