Marriage links for the week

I got an e-mail from Adrian
earlier this week calling my attention to girl
, a blog that
focuses on "biblical womanhood and other fun stuff," written
by three sisters and their mother. Janelle,
and Nicole (part
, part
) have each been telling their love stories
this week making a point of explaining how they each went through a courtship
rather than the typical dating scene. It all began with a question
from a reader
and has prompted something of a
backlash over at the Crosswalk
, but that’s to be expected whenever Adrian gets involved. :)

Wendy Cooper celebrates her tenth anniversary by publishing 18
of her husband’s
darkest secrets

Ben Wilson tells the story of how his
relationship with a very young Sheryl Crow fizzled out
, and how glad he is of that. No offense to Ms. Crow.

Derek explains how he sometimes forgets how
much responsibility
he has as
a husband for the spiritual health of his family, but God always reminds him.

Jollyblogger wonders whether marital
dissatisfaction is a sin
, and offers
advice on overcoming it.

After reading my post about how I tell my child every night that Jesus loves
him, Jeff sent me a link to Christianity Today‘s collection of stories about
various parents
leading their children to salvation

Steve Lynch continues his review of the book Covenant Marriage with Chapter 12: Making Time for the Important.

One thought on “Marriage links for the week

  1. I’m sad to see how many people have reacted so angrily to the thought of courtship. Mostly it’s “Well, that doesn’t work these days”. We’re always so much more advaced than our previous generation, aren’t we? ;) Courtship is a wonderful idea. I just wish I had both parents around to participate in it on my side. I do still take important girls to meet mom.