Marriage links for the week

Mrs. Happy and I just returned from TheWriteJerry‘s wedding and reception,
where we shared a table with my geek friends MCF and Rey,
along with Rey’s wife and two kids, who are both absolutely adorable.

Mark wonders how much Christians harm themselves when they fill their minds with
that trivializes marriage
. (Thanks to Irene for the link.)

After a short hiatus, Steve Lynch resumes his chapter-by-chapter review of
the book Covenant Marriage with Chapter
11: Priorities and Goals

Speaking of reviewing a book, Ben Wilson is getting ready to write a series
of posts
on the book Love & Respect: The Love She Most Desires, The Respect
He Desperately Needs
. I have a copy of that, and may write some about it myself.

One thought on “Marriage links for the week

  1. Thank you for the link! Thank you too Irene! Irene told me about your site a litle while ago and I’m glad she did! It’s very encouraging to see you taking a stand for marriage and helpignothers to do the same. Thank you for your hard work!