Thank you

I would just like to thank everyone who participated and are still participating
in the reader survey I posted on Tuesday. It’s a lot of fun to hear from people
I don’t normally hear from, and learn more about even the frequent commenters.
I’m always a little afraid to solicit responses
because a) it feels self-indulgent to ask, and b) it feels absolutely awful
if no one responds. I learned a few things from your comments:

  • There are more international readers here than I realized—Canada, England,
    Scotland, Australia, Malta, Malaysia, Singapore, a nameless country in Southeast
    Asia, and California are all represented.
  • A number of people who visit this site live in places I wouldn’t know where
    to look for on a map.
  • I should really visit Malaysia some day. I already have several friends
  • Definitely more women than men read this blog.
  • Search engine hits sometimes result in return visitors.
  • Since a couple of Oklahomans visit this site regularly, I should tone down
    my anti-Okie rhetoric when The University of Texas plays OU this year.
    I don’t
    want to
    alienate anyone.
  • People really do read what I write and enjoy it. That’s what I hope for,
    but it’s a little overwhelming to know it for a fact.

Just about every day this week has had some sort of blog-trumping quality,
which is why I resorted to asking for reader participation. Next week I will
definitely get back to writing about marriage for real.

Thanks again, all of you.

7 thoughts on “Thank you

  1. And while you’re toning down the anti-Okie rhetoric, what’s up with excluding California from the United States? If you exclude any state, it should be Alaska (I used to live there and I think many AK residents would agree). ;-)

  2. Major Sooner fan here!!! I will have to remember you are an Aggie fan (but probably won’t want to remember it this year. boohoo!!!)

  3. FYI, I have friends and family members who attended Texas A&M University and I love them all dearly, but calling me an Aggie fan is grounds for banishment from this site. Please read more carefully, Laura.