Who are all these people?

What follows is mostly speculation. I have no idea how accurate or even useful
this information may be. It’s just a bunch of guesses backed up by some questionable

According to Sitemeter, The Happy Husband receives an average of 200 visitors
per day during the week. About 50 of those visitors come from search engines
and, judging by their search terms*, leave quickly in a rage of disappointment.
That leaves 150 daily visitors who actually mean to be here. Since not every
regular reader visits daily, I’m guessing that around 200 people overall read
the stuff I write. Last week, I asked men who read this blog to leave a comment
so that I could get a sense of how many male readers visit this site. Thirteen
left comments, but I can think of at least four others
(just off the top of my head) who read regularly and did not comment.
Since one-third to one-half of invitees usually respond to an invitation, I
estimate that there are between 13 and 26 male lurkers. A total of 35 men
who visit here to celebrate marriage
the regular readers) is a decent number.

Now I’ll open the comments up to all readers, male and female alike. If you’re
reading this, please make yourself known with at least a first name and your
city and country of residence. Sitemeter also tells me that I have visitors
from at least seven different countries, and I’m curious to see who you all

I promise never to be this self-indulgent again…for at least a year.

*Some of the terms I can repeat:

  • sharing wife
  • how to dress my husband like a lady
  • how to surprise your husband with a new baby
  • how to draw a squirrel
  • happy nicknames for boyfriends
  • allison peed herself
  • how what is fair in a divorce , when the couple is 52 years old and have
    been married for 30 years with 2 grown children who live at home and the
    mother does not work. the father is having an affair.

52 thoughts on “Who are all these people?

  1. From Battle Creek MI. For what it’s worth, those bursts of in/out are probably someone really reading. But sitemeter doesn’t ‘count’ anything as ‘timed’ until a person begins to ‘page through.’ So if they read just one page, it looks like they were there zero seconds. I was baffled too. I think I saw this info in an FAQ. I really like seeing the searches and where they come from too. Amazing, but I won’t bore you with it.

  2. Mountain View, CA.

    I found this site some time ago via a Google search (for what, I’ve forgotten), and have been a nearly-daily visitor ever since.

  3. Matt – Redwood City, CA – Friend of the blogger. :) Cool to see Sarah from Mountain View here… That’s just down the road from me!

  4. Hey there, I’m sandra from florida…age 20 and in a relationship that will probably lead to marriage (God willing!).

  5. Southeast Asia

    got here from doing a google search for submissive wife! It’s the first blog I ever read. I visit once or twice a week.

  6. female, single, from kuala lumpur, malaysia

    p/s – i owe mrs happy an email, but been busy at work! i do still want to write :)

  7. our pastor linked to your site on his weblog a few months ago and I’ve been lurking ever since. Really enjoy your site. Thanks.

    Married 1 yr & 9 months. River Forest, IL

  8. I’m a regular reader. I visit once or twice a week sometimes more. I’m a 37 year old mother of three. My first marriage ended after 13 years no matter how hard I tried. I’ve seen remarried a wonderful man and we’ve been married not quite 3 months yet. I was looking for something pro marriage to read instead of all the other things that I’ve read. I want my second marriage to work just as much as I wanted the first one to but it just didn’t happen that way. With God’s help hopefully this one will. I’m probably the only twice married person to read your blog but I enjoy it and your links very much!

  9. I’m a weekly reader from Montana. I had my fill of “marriage is awful” jokes and stories from men, and went looking for a “happy husband” to hear the other side. I love the stories and the vignettes into your marriage. :)

  10. Regular lurker from California – still giggling from your roundup in the latest post – “England, Scotland, Australia, Malaysia, Singapore … and California” – makes me feel so cosmopolitan!

    I enjoy your blog, especially your collections of marriage-friendly links. Best wishes.

  11. Steve, Colorado Springs, Colorado. Regular reader, sometimes contributor, always entertained and inspired by the dialogue between blogger and readers. Thanks for providing the forum.

  12. Madison, WI. I’ve been married 13 years with three wonderful kids and it’s a joy to remember the anticipation of that first child coming. I love being married and being a mom and love the celebration of that on this site. Thanks.

  13. Hi, living in Kent, England. Married to my best friend for just over a year. I enjoy reading your site, it’s nice to see that there are people out “there” who value marriage!

  14. Love your blog…and love that you call your pre-marriage days with Mrs. Happy – “Happy Friends” :)
    great blog! I’ll be returning soon!


  15. I check in once or maybe twice a week…which explains why I’m just seeing this particular post. I’ve commented a couple of times, but mostly just read and enjoy your posts. I think it’s exciting that you’re excited about marriage. Shenandoah Valley, Virginia….recently celebrated 25 years of marriage. Keep up the good work!

  16. Phoenix, AZ

    I love reading your work, crying often at the sincerity that so many lack and you elegantly display before strangers to see here. The painting was superb, the poem delightful, and your love HAPPY love affair with each other is encouraging!


  17. I just found your website tonight as I personalized my Google page. I’m getting married to the greatest gift God could ever grant a selfish man like myself in 24 days. I currently live in Carrollton Texas but will move to Mansfield with my wife after October 29, 2005. Thanks for showing people the joy in a happy loving marriage. To be happy, like most things is a choice. Thanks for consistently choosing to be happy and chronicling it for others to see.

  18. Sugar Land TX. I don’t remember how I found your site, but it’s great! I’ve been married 30.5 years, just had our oldest of 3 daughters wedding last Saturday. Great blog, keep it up!

  19. I missed this earlier, I admit I read every other to every three days or so, usually I catch up on all. Feeling bold today, I will continue to comment, telling you I found this blog on a search using blogger.com. I live in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

  20. Nova Scotia, Canada… and I found the blog while looking up the difference between courtship and dating.

  21. Well, I just visited your blog for the first time today via Amy’s Humble Musings, and I fully intend to become a regular reader, so you can up your count to 201. ;)