Toys and Games Trump Blogging

I’ve been unemployed for about six months now. That sounds worse than it is.
Before I lost my job, Mrs. Happy and I were taking the Joseph-in-Egypt
saving everything we possibly could, knowing that a time of famine could be
right around the corner.
Things are going to get a lot harder when she leaves work to have the baby,
but hopefully I will have a job by then.

In the mean time, I thought I should be doing something constructive. After
a drawn-out thought process and a few weeks of research, I decided to join
a company called Discovery Toys. This company makes educational and developmental
toys for children ages 0–18, although many of their games are enjoyed by adults
of all ages as well. It took a while for me to make the decision to join, because
it is a multilevel marketing company, and I hate the whole MLM idea with a
passion. But as I spoke to people within the company, I found that they weren’t
obnoxious @mw@y clones. (Their practices are more in line with Avon, with whom
they’ve been affiliated in the past.) I also found out that the company adheres
to a fairly strict code
of ethics
was developed by an independent organization. Furthermore, I have loved their
products for
many years. I have bought their toys in the past, usually at fairs and fundraisers,
without even realizing that they were MLM.

I’m saying all this because I got a shipment of games today, and Mrs. Happy
and I have been playing them all night so I don’t have time to write anything
substantial. But if you’re interested, follow the link in the sidebar to see
what sorts of toys my baby’s going to be playing with as soon as he’s able.

3 thoughts on “Toys and Games Trump Blogging

  1. I think that’s really cool. I hope I remember this when I have kids. (Luckily I have friends who are having babies that I need to get gifts for!)

    Does this mean if your readers want to purchase toys, we should purchase from you? :)