Marriage links for the week

Derek explains how he and his wife occupy
opposite ends
of an emotional spectrum.

Becky had decided to leave her husband. She packed a bag and went to her mother’s
house, 14-month-old son in tow. Her mother said "Before you leave Bill,
I have one task for you to complete." She divided a sheet
of paper in half and told Becky to write down a list of her husband’s bad qualities
on the left-hand side. The list on the right-hand side, she says, saved her
marriage. And it’s probably not
what you think

Jason writes about how no
marriage is perfect
, but every marriage can be healthy.

Lori points out that she’s not listing 100 reasons she loves her husband,
but rather 100 things she loves about her husband. It’s a point well taken,
and I wish I’d thought about that when I was writing my list. Anyway, she shares
list items Nos.
this week.

Bowden McElroy explains how husbands and wives tend to view sexual
differently, and how couples tend to think of disagreements
about sex
on a different level than other arguments.

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