Marriage links for the week

Before we were married, Mrs. Happy read a book called Passion
and Purity
by Elisabeth
Elliot. It is perhaps the most timeless and essential book on Christian courtship
ever written. Paula read the book recently and offers
an excellent review
, along
with some insightful thoughts of her own.

Kari offered a guest post
at This Beautiful Mess recently
explaining how the reality of marriage shatters
preconceived illusions
while building
up a foundation of joy in love. (Big thanks to Lori for the link.)

Speaking of Lori, she’s striking out at the world’s negativity about marriage
with her own list of 100 Reasons She Loves Her Husband. Following my lead (she
calls me a "ringleader"—I’ve never been called that before), she’s listing
her reasons ten at a time: here are 1–10, 11–20, and 21–30.

First I see that someone considers me a "ringleader," then I find out that
my blog "inspired" someone. Heady stuff, that. Anyway, /Tim offers a creative
take on the whole "list of ten" idea and offers several
such lists about his wife

Rey examines what Paul meant when he said that spouses
have authority over
each other’s bodies

Rebecca came up with the truly inspired idea of writing limericks based on
Proverbs. Her first offering dealt specifically with marriage, but go
to her blog and read them all

The man who is wise in this life
Values character o’er skill in a wife.
Much better a diet
Of dry bread, with quiet,
Than a house full of feasting with strife. (Proverbs

Derek thinks about the responsibility associated with his becoming
one flesh
with his wife.

2 thoughts on “Marriage links for the week

  1. Thanks for the link, Curt, and thanks for including a link to the book at Amazon. I realized after I posted that I had forgotten to do that and I try to do that when I review. This one was a pleasure.

  2. Thanks for the link – I was somewhat startled/surprised to find someone had commented on my post, until I found the gateway. Oh, and thanks Paula for the blessage. :-D