Marriage links for the week

Mopsy, on the day before her wedding anniversary, recalls how her wedding
rehearsal prepared her for the wedding but not
for the marriage
. Then, on the occasion of her anniversary, she reflects
on how her years of marriage have

Ben tells the story of how he met Rachel—a wonderful story of a love
flower blossoming from a friendship bush—in two parts (one and two).
I can’t tell from these posts whether the two are married yet, but it’s a nice
love story in any case. (Thanks to Rey for the link.)

Steve Lynch continues his review of the book Covenant Marriage with Chapter
The Art of Self-Revelation

LOL, but ouch. Poor Rey.

Ben Wilson has an
interview with Shaunti Feldhahn
, author of several marriage-friendly

Tim Samoff celebrates three
years with his wife
, and has also begun blogging
her pregnancy

Ginny, The Inspired Traditionalist, writes about the
importance of having a Christ-centered marriage

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