Reasons I love my husband, 11–20

  • He makes me feel smart, even though he is far smarter.
  • He loves my brothers.
  • He does his share of housework and more.
  • He cuddles with me every morning through many a "snooze."
  • He’s so cute and makes the most precious faces when he doesn’t know I’m
  • He never raises his voice, even if he’s mad at me.
  • He is always striving to learn something new.
  • His voice is really sexy.
  • He is so committed to making our marriage the best it can be.
  • He inspires others to make marriage the best it can be.

2 thoughts on “Reasons I love my husband, 11–20

  1. I just wanted to say out of all the websites I went to this is the best. A made a box of 270 reasons
    why I love my husband, (thats how many days we been married). I made hearts where he can open up and read all the reasons. I like going around reading others seeing all the other people have to say and that are in love. Being in love is truly a great thing, and again I love your site, ever bit of it is so sweet.

  2. I have been working for months on just 100 reasons why I love my husband, in the hopes of making something fun from it for him for Christmas. It’s difficult to think of so many reasons. Can anyone offer any funny reasons to add to my list?