Thanks, and Welcome!

I received an e-mail from Christian blogosphere heavyweight Dr.
Adrian Warnock
earlier today asking, "I wonder if
you would be OK about receiving a warnie?" The implication that I might refuse
an honor
is charming, and doubly so if you read the question in a British accent.
(I should note that I met Adrian in person once, and we argued about
which of us pronounces our words normally
and which of us has an accent. I say that on his blog, he can call my accent
American, but on this side
of the ocean, he’s the one who talks funny.)
Anyway, I said I would indeed be okay with that and threw in a few "thank you"s
for good measure.

So I began trying to compose a gracious and humble acceptance post, full of
wit and self-deprecation as well as appreciation to the good doctor. I was
about halfway through that post when I decided to check his site and see if
he had linked to me yet. He had. He had written some very nice things about
The Happy Husband, along with this introduction:

Allthings2all is a fantastic blog, better known as "The Happy Husband".

He was partly right—Allthings2all is a fantastic blog, but it is not better
known as The Happy Husband. I’m not sure what happened there. All I know for
sure is that I no longer need to try be humble and self-effacing. It’s just
coming naturally.

In any case, I’d like to extend a hearty welcome to any and all readers here
by way of Adrian’s Blog. My purpose here, as he mentioned, is to
celebrate marriage
. I’m here to work against the pervasive ideas that marriage starts
out with a bang but quickly gets boring, that lifelong fidelity is unnatural
and confining, and that marriage’s main value is societal rather than personal.

Marriage is a beautiful, fun, exciting journey, and I know I’m not the
only one who thinks so. This site is for others who value marriage as much
as I
for people
understand what I mean when I say that my wedding was the happiest day of my
life except for every day that has followed. It’s for people who are single
and want to look forward to marriage, but don’t see any reason for hope in
the mainstream media.

So if you’re visiting for the first time, make yourself at home. Click around
the categories in the sidebar for things you might be interested in, such as
my list of 100 Reasons I love my
, stuff about marriage
in general
, stuff
about our marriage, stuff
about our first child (who will be joining us in November), and some other
things. Come back on Saturday for my weekly round-up of marriage
writings around the blogosphere
. Most of all, just hang out and join the

Update: I just received an e-mail from Adrian (again, be
sure to read this with an English accent for full effect):

dash it sorry
I think it’s fixed
you used to have another name I think……..
Can you ever forgive me!!!

I have forgiven already, Adrian. Thanks for the recognition you have brought
to me and so many other Christian blogs.

7 thoughts on “Thanks, and Welcome!

  1. I’ma movin’ on up–
    to the sky
    to the dee-lux posting
    up on high

    I’ma movin’ on up
    the TTLB Slide
    I’ve finally got my Blog recogni(yi, yi, yiii)zed

  2. Congratulations on your Warnie!
    “Allthings2all is a fantastic blog” – ok. I’m a woman – how did I end up being the Happy Husband? Lol.

  3. Congratulations! Well deserved, you have a great blog! Don’t listen to Blogotional, he said that about me and I have been going downhill ever since! :)