Reasons I love my wife, 91–100

A little less than a year ago, I listed ten reasons I love my wife, with
the goal of eventually listing 100 reasons. This post finally achieves that
goal. I don’t intend to stop the list at 100, but it feels good to make it
this far.

  • She knows how to use an apostrophe.
  • She lets me hold the TV remote even though she hates the way I use it.
  • She writes half of the His and Hers post
    every Friday.
  • She supports my maintaining this blog and acts as chief
  • The only time I don’t miss her is when I’m with her.
  • When I told her I wouldn’t say "I love you" to a woman I wasn’t
    ready to marry, she thought it was an excellent policy. (I told her I loved
    her about
    20 seconds before I asked her to be my wife.)
  • She still calls her parents by the names she called them at the age of
  • I still get a little nervous/excited when I hold her hand.
  • She hates science fiction, but loves Firefly.
  • I can’t imagine life without her.

5 thoughts on “Reasons I love my wife, 91–100

  1. My husband also did not say, “I love you” until he asked me to marry him. Actually, he said that he loved me first, then he said, “Will you marry me?”

    I found that the whole engagement scenerio didn’t need much of a speech since hearing “I love you” for the first time was enough! He also asked on top of a mountain overlooking Hong Kong, but the “I love you” part was the best.

  2. Just wanted to say thanks for finishing the 100 Reasons list. It gives me inspiration. I started my own list just a few days ago, and I’m now on Reason #5. I think it’s a good thing for every married person to create their own list, don’t you?

    Why I Love My Husband

  3. This blog gave me inspiration for our anniversary present. thank you. I am writing 365 reasons why I love him, one for each day we’ve been together.

  4. I am working on writting 365 reasons why I love my husband and I am on 243 and counting. We got married last year and its for our 1st year anniversary which is a paper gift. I thought this is the perfect gift. I think that its a great idea for people who are in love to do. I see that there are vases you can buy that already have the reasons in it but it doesnt have the same meaning. This way you can really personlize it.