Marriage links for the week

Marla Swoffer celebrates her fourth
wedding anniversary

I recently posted Shelley’s love story here
on this blog
. Her husband Jeff tells
side of the story
on his own blog.

Steve Lynch continues his review of the book Covenant Marriage with
a discussion of Chapter
6: Unhealthy Patterns of Communication

Joe Missionary ponders the
meaning of intimacy

Bowden McElroy addresses the issue of personal change in a marriage in a
post titled Too
Little, Too Late
(and don’t miss part

Since I was gone for several days to see family and attend a funeral this
past week, Irene took the liberty of collecting quite a few links for me, mostly
from this past week’s Christian

Fidler on the Roof

Of "Mommy Wives" And Spineless Hubbies
Fidler on the Roof

Talk About Sex
Ravings of John C. A. Bambenek

The Purposes of Marriage (Nothern ‘burbs blog):
Part I – Children
Part II – Sex
Part III – Completion

4 thoughts on “Marriage links for the week

  1. Just a quick note to say that Luanne and I are celebrating 12 years of marriage today! August 14, 1993, we pledged to be together “till death do us part,” and by the grace of God, we’re still here. Thanks, Curt, for being a voice of celebration in a marriage-deprived world.

  2. Thank you for the link and the mention. The series is getting rather long…but it’s fun to do. Glad to have found your site because of it.