Shelley’s love story

After I asked for love story and Where I’m From poetry submissions last
poems from Shelley
(of A Proverbs 31 Woman)
and Paula
(of Listen In),
and Shelley also sent in her love story. I tried to post it last night, but
computer kept freezing. Here it is, though, and it is indeed lovely. Enjoy.

The night Jeff and I met it was raining. No, that is an understatement. It
was a complete downpour.

A lady I worked with had coordinated a happy hour
at a club for all of the women at work and also invited her husband and Jeff.
The plan was to set Jeff
up with a woman named Della. The rest of us were supposed to be there so no
one would feel like it was a set up.

I didn’t want to go, and was not planning
on going until my friend and co-worker, Victoria, wore me down by calling every
hour or so during the day and asking
me if I was going. She had taken the day off work, but was planning on meeting
the office staff at the club. I wilted under the pressure and took off for
the club at 5:00.

Only 6 of the 20 some odd people who were supposed to be
there showed up. And Victoria was one of the ones who didn’t show! Needless
to say I was a little
miffed, but it was RAINING out, so I decided to stay for a little while to
see if it would let up any.

Well, Della and another woman exited soon after
their arrival and that left just my co-worker, her husband, Jeff and me. We
started talking about Seinfeld;
I admitted I watched too much television; and then the DJ played an Elvis song
(I love Elvis). I figured it was a sign to dance so I asked Jeff if he’d dance
with me and he said yes. Actually he didn’t have a choice because I was pulling
him on the dance floor.

I remember thinking that he looked like a gentle soul
and that I enjoyed talking to him.

When I went home that night I had a message
from a friend to call. "Where
have you been?" she asked.

"Meeting my future husband," I replied.

I was right.

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