Marriage links for the week

Ben Wilson celebrates 20
years of marriage
with Ann and ponders the value of
forgiveness, redemption, and respect in marriage.

Both Steve Lynch and Imago
bemoan the evolution of wedding vows from "Til death do us part" to "As
long as our love shall last." They say that’s no vow at all, and I agree.

The official record holders for world’s oldest living married couple, certified
by Guiness, are Herb
and Magda Brown
. He is 105, she is 100, and they
have been married 74 years
. Another couple
in France
could conceivably make that claim themselves, but I suppose such
hair-splitting is for the young.

I don’t want to be judgmental, but sometimes I can’t help it. I know there’s
no way of knowing what two people go through before a divorce. It just seems
that if a guy can contract testicular cancer, undergo surgery, receive chemotherapy
treatments that push him to the brink of death, then win the Tour de France
seven times in a row, he would have enough perseverance to keep
a marriage together for more than five years
. (Thanks to Amy
for the link.)

Bowden McElroy talks about the third and fourth (in a series) triggers for
marital arguments: cumulative
and rejection.

Brian writes about 13
years with his wife
over at reasons
. (ht: CoffeeSwirls)

An article at Catholic Exchange discusses the
odd tendency in men
to treat
their wives well when life is going poorly, then do basically the opposite
when they find success. (ht: Ryan’s Head)

Jason Berggren challenges the idea of compatibility and endorses making the
choice to love your spouse. It’s a cliche, yes, but absolutely

Here’s an interview
with Gary Smalley

ireneQ has a wacky e-mail address, and she uses it to weed
out potential suitors
with no sense of humor.

I don’t often get theological on my blog, but a light meal brings out a different
side of me
. I should know better than to talk to Rey about theology, since
he makes me a heretic by association (at least as far as his commenters are

5 thoughts on “Marriage links for the week

  1. Thanks so much for the link. I love your site and have linked it, but I think I already told you that. I appreciate the positivity and hope it promotes. Great job and I hope you and Mrs. Happy live happily ever after…

  2. ****Both Steve Lynch and Imago Dei bemoan the evolution of wedding vows from “Til death do us part” to “As long as our love shall last.” They say that’s no vow at all, and I agree.****

    In five years, that will change to “Until he forgets to take out the garbage” or “For as long as she doesn’t bug me with her issues.”

  3. Couldn’t agree more about the vows. I’ve always thought the “as long as our love shall last,” etc., to be rather silly. So, in other words, the day your wife accidentally wrecks the convertible could legitimately be the end of one’s marriage?

  4. Hi Curt, thanks so much for the link. The transformation of marriage from an institution designed by our Creator to a human construction subject to the whim of human emotions is truly frightening.