Marriage links for the week

Jollyblogger offers some advice on how
to survive
while the wife is out of town for a week.

Jollyblogger also marvels at a rich man who thinks women
won’t marry him
because he’s unattractive, saying, "I’ve got to
the point where I have even been asking women I am meeting in the streets
to marry me, but they always say no."

From Doug at CoffeSwirls:
"Parents, do something with your children on a regular basis. Raise them
up to serve the Lord. No matter how they turn out, they will
always look to these good ole days as the formative years that shaped them
into who they will be."

Steve Lynch continues his review of the book Covenant Marriage with
thoughts about the connection
between communication and intimacy

Bowden McElroy talks about how unfair
can trigger arguments in a marriage.

Marla lists the ways in which she
and her husband are opposites
, and how they
fit together like a beautiful puzzle.

King of Fools tells how he lost
his wedding ring
and found it again…twice.

When I was in sixth grade, the only worthwhile thing I learned in school was
how to diagram a sentence. I loved diagramming sentences, and in my entire
life I’ve met only one other person who could say the same. But Bryan posted a favorable link to a
grammar Web site
this week, and in the process became
sort of a kindred spirit for me.

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