His and Hers: Childhood perception

His and Hers is a weekly discussion of a question or topic relating
to marriage. On Friday, my wife and I each write our thoughts on the week’s
topic. I invite others to do the same with their spouses as an exercise in
celebrating marriage.

What’s something you forgot to include in the post
about childhood misperceptions?

Mrs. Happy’s response

Mr. Rogers used to talk to me through the television. He was very nice and
treated me like I really special. I also thought Sesame
was a place
that you could visit. The theme song even asked "can you tell me how to get"

Curt’s response

An angel lived in the clock in my house (in the center of the clock face where
the hands come together). Another angel lived at the corner
of my dining table. Angels were everywhere,
in fact.
lines come
together, an angel lives. I knew this because I read a book from my school
library about angels, except in that book it was spelled angles.

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