A slightly random thought

I can’t believe in evolution because I accidentally bite my own lip at least once a week. I doubt that any of my supposed evolutionary ancestors are that inept when they eat.

3 thoughts on “A slightly random thought

  1. I often bump into things. So, if evolution was real, that would mean I evolved from a Bumpasaurus…

    Or, maybe a bumpasaurus that mated with a Dorkisaur…

  2. Just wait until that baby arrives–when you start to experience the entropy of early childhood, you will know that there is no possible way that the incredible order in our universe could have ever evolved by chance. :)

    Also–for those people who think homosexuality is hereditary, and there is a “gay” gene somewhere in the DNA–there is no way you can believe in both evolution and a gay gene. I don’t happen to believe in either, but for those who want to believe in both, there is just no way that could logically happen. Homosexuality could not evolve. Think about it–species that can’t procreate can’t propagate.

    Do you get canker sores when you bite your lip? My husband does. Taking L-Lysine really helps this, but it only prevents; it doesn’t heal exisiting canker sores.

  3. Ruth, what an excellent point about evolution and the gay gene theory. I always learn something new on this site.