23 simple pleasures

One of the things I like about WordPress is that it gives me the ability to
categorize my posts. When I moved over from Blogger, I
and categorized my old posts. It took a while, but I feel like things are
more organized now. (Still thinking about redesigning everything, btw. I haven’t
forgotten all the helpful comments.) However, now I can see that a few categories
are sparsely populated. I don’t know why, but I feel like every category should
have at
least ten posts.
So I’ll be working on bringing those numbers up. The 23 Things category
is particularly pitiable, with only three posts (four if you include this one),
so tonight I’ll add to that.

Life offers a few big, memorable moments. It also offers a lot of small things
that just warm your heart. These 23 things are part of the latter group, though
some are certainly bigger than others.

  • The way a happy dog smiles with its whole body.
  • Firefly.
  • The music of Roger Miller.
  • A book sale at a public library.
  • The taste of my favorite food or drink after I’ve gone weeks without even
    smelling it.
  • My wife’s laughter after I say something funny.
  • Comments on my blog.
  • A high-speed internet connection.
  • The look on a child’s face when he starts to ask me a question, then suddenly
    realizes I’m not his mother.
  • Reading a Bible passage I’ve read a hundred times before, but learning
    something completely new from it.
  • The way my wife rests her face against my neck.
  • Singing to my unborn child.
  • The
    Princess Bride
  • Discovering a new link to this site.
  • Playing my ukulele.
  • Talking to someone who loves their spouse and loves marriage.
  • The comfort of my bed at the end of an exhausting day.
  • Chocolate.
  • Two-dimensional video games.
  • Talking to someone who loves grammar.
  • A good Broadway musical.
  • Talking to an old friend.
  • Making a new friend.

5 thoughts on “23 simple pleasures

  1. I guess I will make your day when I do the following: I am leaving a comment. And I am adding this site as a link. Let’s see…doesn’t it drive you nuts when people do not use “who” and “whom” correctly? I’ve got to part ways with you on the two dimensional video games, though.

    We have WordPress too. I think it is the blog of the geek, since it takes a computer genius to figure out. My dear hubby fits the bill, however.

  2. I also love both grammar and The Princess Bride (which I cannot italicize or underline).

    After perusing numerous blogs, I appreciate all the more your knowledge of apostrophe use. The problem is, there are so few good teachers these days. When the letters home from the High School English department are rife with errors, where does one turn?

  3. Which planet did you come from? Are there more of your kind? Can we clone you?

    – single woman in search of a good husband

  4. I’m with Amy on the single and would like a good husband. However, he doesn’t have to speak with proper grammar. I’ll just keep correcting him. (just kidding.) I left a comment, Curt, and I linked you long ago. Glad you’re here. Keep on bloggin’.