A message from Baby Happy

Life in the womb grows more fascinating every day. I seem to have developed
appendages with which I can prod Mama’s insides. I believe she feels my movements
though I have not grown large enough for my movements to reverberate enough
for Daddy
to feel
them. If my size continues to increase at its recent rate, that should change
in a matter of weeks. Each day I become more aware, and each day I endeavor to
stretch my limits a little further, both mental and physical. Each day I understand
a little more when he talks to me and when he sings to me. And each day I sense
Mama’s growing beauty a little more deeply.

Mama told me last week of a holiday known as Father’s Day. It is observed
annually to celebrate fatherhood (for some reason, I want to add "in a hostile
world"). Since Daddy has devoted so much time to me even before my birth, I
thought it only right that I do something for him. It proved more difficult
than I imagined to make a card and buy a gift within the confines of my current
dwelling, but Mama bought a book, made a card (the image in this post—Curt),
and wrote a note for me. She is certainly beginning to understand me more as

Until recently, Mama seemed to have difficulty thinking of me as an actual
child with a personality and will. My movements have endeared me to her, thankfully,
and she has even given me a nickname. She and Daddy both now refer to me as
‘Tater, which is a diminutive form of the more clinical One Who
Mama says she looks forward to the day when she can call me Tater Tot,
and one
of my great-grandparents has already made plans to call me Sweet
. …Grownups.

6 thoughts on “A message from Baby Happy

  1. I would pay good money for an entire children’s book about those rhinos, and I don’t even HAVE children. Very cute.

  2. You are in for it, Dad. ‘Tater is going to, oops, has stolen your heart. I am with MCF on the rhinos. They make for good children’s book stuff. find a publisher, you writin’ man, you.

  3. Agreed: Cuter Rhinos.
    Baby Happy is quite eloquent.
    I can just see us reading guest `Tater posts in about 10 years.

  4. :) Too cute!

    There’s a girl at the office who is also preggers. It’s very cool to watch. I can only imagine how much more wonderful it is for you, Curt – the daddy watching the beginning of his little one’s life! How exciting!

  5. I love the picture.

    Is she interested in illustrating a children’s book? Nobody has been willing to buy it without illustrations, but hey . . . they say good pictures are what make or break you.

    I have absolutely no connections.

    But I love the picture. :)

  6. My eldest (now 5 1/2 and starting kindergarten in a few days) has always been “Spud”. We now actually use his given name sometimes (Matthew), but many of the nursery ladies at church still know him only as Spud.