An interview with Julie Anne Fidler

I wrote yesterday about Julie Anne Fidler’s new book, Adventures in Holy
I submitted a few questions to Julie in an e-mail after reading the book. Here’s
what she had to say:

Why did you write this book?

When I was approached about writing
a book, my marriage was the dominant topic in my life. My husband and
I were going through a period of great healing, and we both felt like God was
telling us that He wanted to use that to minister to others. So it seemed
like it was "meant to be".

Why do you blog?
Honestly, when
I started blogging back in 2002, I did it because I wanted to work on my writing
skills, but now I’d have to say
it’s just because it’s my favorite hobby. Why do some people knit? It’s
relaxing, it’s their thing. That’s how I feel about blogging.

Why did
you and Scott decide to marry?
My husband and I had a really
passionate romance. I knew we were soul mates by the second date. We
probably really nauseated our friends, because we didn’t like to be apart and
nothing seemed as cool or as fun if we weren’t together. We COULDN’T
be apart. One thing I can honestly say about my life is that I married
for love — nothing more, nothing less.

Why did the two of you decide to
stay together when the seemingly insurmountable obstacles arose?

We didn’t
believe divorce was an option, deep down. We WANTED to get a divorce,
but there was something in us, emotionally, that kept us from doing that. We
have always believed that God hates divorce. We’ve also always believed
that God does not put a couple together, just to let them fall apart while
he steps back and watches
it happen. Even though it would have been easier to just split up and
go our separate ways, we knew that if we submitted ourselves fully to God,
and did the things He wanted us to do, we really had no excuse.

If you could
rewind time and be 18 again, what would you do differently?

I’d go to
college, and I’d work really, really hard! I
went to college, and partied hard, instead. Who doesn’t? But my
partying burned me out and I dropped out after a year. It’s my biggest
regret in life.

You talk in your book about how you plan to use your experiences
to minister to other couples experiencing difficulties. Does your husband support
that idea?

Absolutely. Now it’s just a matter of figuring
out what that means. My husband’s best buddy is a pastor, and he’s in
the emerging church movement, and he keeps talking to us about moving to the
Gettysburg area to work with the young adult/marriage ministry. We’ve
been praying about it, to see if we feel led.

What is your hope for the future
of your marriage?
I used to hope
that my husband’s health would drastically improve, and that we’d buy a nice
house, and have two kids, and drive a minivan, and it was this really aesthetic
dream. I still hope for my husband’s healing, obviously, but now I realize
it’s not about those things. My hope is that my husband and I will fully
develop into the people God has created us to be, and that our marriage will
do the same. I want to be people who reach out and help others, and inspire

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