Adventures in Holy Matrimony, a review

I just finished reading Adventures in Holy Matrimony: For Better or the
Absolute Worst
by fellow marriage blogger Julie
Anne Fidler
The book is a celebration of marriage at its most difficult, and it is filled
with harrowing scenes of anger, frustration, disappointment, despair, and undying
hope. Julie
relates how her hopes for marriage began to be dashed on the day following
the wedding. She fell ill and was unable to do much of anything for a week.
then began experiencing symptoms related to a chronic high level of iron
in his blood (symptoms that include chronic fatigue, swollen joints, Irritable
Bowel Syndrome, and impotence and loss of libido). Julie’s bout with bipolar
disorder, coupled with a past that included abuse in her
and an
debilitating as Scott’s condition. The combination of physical
and psychological difficulties, along with crippling financial troubles, almost
killed their marriage.

The Fidlers’ story is one of hope, but not yet of conclusive triumph.
This book is a picture of a marriage in the process of healing. Julie doesn’t
offer canned advice or educational marriage counseling here. She doesn’t pretend
that her experiences give her any sort of general or specialized expertise.
She simply demonstrates how they have dealt with their difficulties in the
past (sometimes productively, sometimes destructively) and are now building
a life together after coming to the brink of divorce. In the process, she shows
how any marriage can fall victim to circumstances beyond anyone’s control,
and how a foundation of faith in God is vital for any marriage to last and

"The intended message of this book is simple. Don’t give up, don’t give
in, and don’t throw in the towel. If we can make it, so can you. You are
never without hope as long as you have God in your corner. You can find love
and commitment where it appears your bonds have been all but destroyed.…[H]ealing
can be yours." —Julie Anne Fidler

Julie was kind enough to grant me an e-mail interview, which I will post tomorrow.
In the meantime, spring
for the book
. It’s definitely a profitable read (especially
for just $10) for everyone who values marriage.

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