MCF’s Blog Party 4.0

Here’s my entry into MCF’s
Blog Party
, which asks for "Your top femme fatales
and/or formidable females of all time, from Comics, Cartoons, Television, Film
and MORE!":

No. 5 Formidable Female—Your Mom

If there is any single larger-than-life woman in everyone’s life,
it is Mom. Life giver, lawmaker, character molder, ruthless enforcer, and provider
of the tenderest loving care, Mom may be the biggest influence anyone has.

No. 4 Femme Fatale—Bathsheba

I’m never quite sure how much to blame her for leading King David
astray. On one hand, it seems like it would take an awful lot to seduce such
a man of God into such atrocious behavior. On the other hand, he was a man,
so maybe it took very little. In any case, both she and David were redeemed
through their offspring and became part of the earthly bloodline of Jesus.

No. 3 Femme Fatale—Jo Polniaczek

For some reason I can no longer fathom, this character portrayed
by Nancy McKeon on the ’80s sitcom The Facts of Life embodied my prepubescent
ideal woman fantasies. She resembled no one I have ever met in real life, and
yet she was what I thought a woman should be. Seriously, I was just a kid.

No. 2 Formidable Female—Eve

We could argue all day about whether Eve ruined it for all of
us or Adam failed in his duties and thus ended paradise, but either way she’s
the mother of us all and casts a shadow over time and history that we will
never escape as long as we’re on this earth.

No. 1 Formidable Female and Femme Fatale—Mrs. Happy

For sheer life changing influence, this one trumps them all for
me. Shattering my notions of what I needed/wanted in a wife, she showed me
how much love I’m capable of and how much I could be cherished.

3 thoughts on “MCF’s Blog Party 4.0

  1. So I take it you’ve never come home to find Mrs. Happy repairing a motorcycle in the living room while Mrs. Garrett was baking cookies in the adjoining store?