His and Hers: Literary childhood

His and Hers is a weekly discussion of a question or topic relating
to marriage. On Friday, my wife and I each write our thoughts on the week’s
topic. I invite others to do the same with their spouses as an exercise in
celebrating marriage.

What is your favorite children’s book?

Mrs. Happy’s response

Guess How Much I Love You, because it’s precious and cute and
Curt gave me a copy for Valentine’s Day one year.

Curt’s response

The House At Pooh Corner, because it makes me grateful,
wistful, regretful, laugh-out-loud happy, tear-spillingly sad, and warmly affectionate
toward every character.

One thought on “His and Hers: Literary childhood

  1. Anything by Kevin Henkes, because although he writes for today’s children, he makes me remember my own childhood.