Marriage links for the week

Maggie shares a powerful
story of how grace and forgiveness toward her husband have turned her life
around: "God has changed
me. I think
the miracle I’ve been waiting for, though it looks nothing like what
I thought I needed. I know I need to go to my husband and tell him how wrong
been. I want to ask his forgiveness." Read
the whole thing
Seriously, read
the whole thing

Nancy and her husband recently celebrated their 25th
wedding anniversary
We will celebrate our seventh on Monday, and it sounds like we already have
a lot in common with them.

Julie Anne Fidler offers some thoughts on the
value of commitment
in the face
of divorce-level difficulties.

Violet outlines how respect
for her husband
and other Biblical principles
help her decide how personal to be on her blog. (Thanks to Irene for this link
as well as the previous three.)

If you look in the sidebar under the Marriage-Friendly heading you’ll
see a new link to a blog called Lessons
From the Road
. It’s written by Steve and is devoted to writings about marriage
and parenting. If I linked to the relevant posts there, it would end up looking
like an archive listing for the entire blog, so just go ahead and check
out the whole site

An article in The Detroit News explains how marrying for love creates
some interesting
social paradoxes
. (Link via Miss
, who also links to a great excerpt
from the book Your Wife Ain’t Your Momma.)

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